Professional Development Sessions

Our education session topics and presentations are developed to ensure that every event is meaningful to the audience. Our library of offerings can be tailored to meet specific group needs, time allotments, and audience interests. Learn more about educational sessions and their learning objectives by browsing our suite of best practice topics.

Educational resources and a Certificate of Completion will be provided through PlayCore’s Center for Outreach, Research and Education to learners meeting the following requirements:

- Remain present for 95% of the duration of the learning event

- Participate in activities and discussion throughout

- Demonstrate mastery of learning objectives

- Complete feedback survey

PlayCore is an authorized provider of CEUs and is accredited by IACET, LA CES and AIA. To learn more, visit our accreditations.

Design Best Practices

Inclusion Single Image

Inclusion Matters: Innovating Outdoor Play Destinations for People of All Ages and Abilities

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Nature Project Cta

NatureGrounds: Best Practices for Creating Naturalized Playgrounds

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Outdoor Adult Fitness Od Cta

Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks: Best Practices for Promoting Community Health

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Playful Pathways Solutions Index

Pathways for Play: Infusing Play Into Pathway Networks

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Ada For Design Cta

ADA Standards for Accessible Design of Outdoor Play Environments

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Bike Parking Cta

Bike Parking Standards & Installation

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Webinar Cta Templates 2021 Equity Series

Creating Conditions of Possibility: Diverse, equitable, and inclusive recreation spaces for individuals with disabilities

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Infusing Nature Live February 2021 Cta

Designing School Grounds to Integrate Nature, Learning, and Health Promotion (People and Planet)

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Webinar Cta Plant Database Live March 2021

Expanding Nature Experiences with Plants that Promote Play and Recreation

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Kids In Nature

Infusing Nature into the Everyday Spaces of Childhood

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Webinar Cta Natural Harmony June

Natural Harmony: An Instrumental Guide to Blending Music and Community

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Splash Parks Products

Make a Splash: Creating Inclusive Water Play Destinations

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Accessible Bleachers Products

Make a Stand: A Practical Guide to Spectator Seating

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Webinar Shade Uncovered Cta 01

Shade (Un)Covered: Using Fabric Shade in Public, Private, and Commercial Environments

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Bicycling Solutions 1 Grid

Shift into Gear: A Bicycling Advocacy Resource

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Strong Foundations Od Cta

Strong Foundations: Planning, Purchasing, and Protecting Playground Surfacing Investments

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Unleashed Webinar

Unleashed: Off-Leash Dog Park Design Trends and Planning Tips

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Webinar Cta Water Works

Water Works for Everyone: Making Pools Accessible for EveryBODY

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Programming and Advocacy & Impact

Youth Physical Fitness Cta 2

Building Healthier Youth through Successful Partnerships with Schools

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Cspap Live Cta

Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs

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Webinar Cta Covid 19 And Parks

What COVID-19 Taught Park and Recreation Professionals: Insights from National Survey Comments

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Outdoor Creative Play Cover Cta

Outdoor Creative Play and Learning

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Webinar Cta Maintenance Od October

Playground Maintenance: Providing a Safer Environment for Active, Fun Play

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Playground Ramp Image Grid

Playground Supervision: Providing a Safer Environment for Active, Fun Play

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Play On Cover Cta

Play On!®: Playground Design and Programming that Promotes Active Play™

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Webinar Cta Water Works On Demand

Water Immersion Works®: Research-Based Health Benefits of Aquatic Immersion and Activity™

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Words On Play Grid 2

Words on Play®: Making Play a Priority in Communities™

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