Professional Development

DEI Scholar Series

Empowering Professionals to Dismantle Health Inequities and Systemic Racism in Parks and Recreation

Course Description:

Research indicates predominately White communities are far more likely to take advantage of the numerous health benefits of public parks as compared to communities of color. What is the cause of this racial and ethnic disparity in park use? What are opportunities for play and recreational professionals to drive health equity in their communities? Join an esteemed panel to learn about how centuries of oppression and structural racism have excluded people of color from public parks and discuss future-driven solutions to deliver equitable public spaces that benefit all.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to competently:

  • Summarize key racial and ethnic inequities confronting park and recreation leaders.
  • Identify strategies for overcoming health inequities related to park and recreation spaces.
  • Identify new opportunities for elevating the equitable benefits of park and recreation spaces to the benefit the heath of communities.