Turning Research Into Practice

Center for Outreach, Research, & Education (CORE)

Sharing Knowledge & Turning Research Into Practice™

PlayCore’s Center for Outreach, Research, & Education (CORE) is committed to researching and advocating for the impact of play and recreation on a community’s vitality and why it’s valuable to invest in community health and wellness. In collaboration with leaders and scholars, we gather and share knowledge to positively advance diverse community needs through a variety of evidence-based services.

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Turning Research Into Practice

We are committed to sharing validated research and building informed advocacy to help empower communities to create great play, recreation, and open spaces.

We are passionate about curating, translating, and sharing evidence-based research from a growing network of scholars through resources, high-quality professional development services, and data-driven support to help local advocates build healthy communities.

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We partner with the foremost authorities.

Our Research Institute is comprised of leading experts, universities, and research centers who are committed to help us investigate, discover, and translate information that informs all of our services.

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We translate research with best practice resources.

CORE’s Resource Library is a collection of evidence-based publications including best-practice design guides, planning tools, advocacy tools, case studies, and standards-based curriculum.

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We learn and collaborate with scholars and leaders.

CORE’s Professional Development Hub combines research and resources to offer world-class learning opportunities where professionals can share learnings and earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through a variety of tailored events and diverse topics.

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Demonstrate & Measure Community Impact

Through our National Demonstration Site Network, these sites can participate in ongoing data collection and receive reports measuring their impact on the community’s vitality, providing meaningful ways for community stakeholders to gather and share outcomes data.

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