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PlayCore’s Center for Outreach, Research & Education committed to researching and advocating for the impact of play and recreation on a community's vitality and the value of that impact on overall health and wellness. In collaboration with leaders and scholars, we gather and share knowledge to positively advance diverse community needs. Scroll down to learn about our evidence-based services.

Our Center for Outreach, Research, & Education is the CORE of PlayCore. 

We believe play and recreation are essential for a healthier, happier society and critical to improving the quality of life for diverse individuals, families, and communities. We champion initiatives to promote community vitality in four holistic categories.


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We invest in scholarly knowledge.

CORE’s Research Institute is comprised of leading experts, universities & research centers to help us investigate, discover & translate information that informs the Resource Library, guides the curriculum for the Professional Development Hub, and validates the methodology of the Data Service Lab.

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We translate research with best practice resources.

CORE’s Resource Library is a collection of evidence-based publications from planning and funding tools to best-practice design guides, advocacy programs, and standards-based curriculum. Every resource is fueled by research, time tested, and put into practice by organizations around the world.

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We learn and collaborate with scholars and leaders.

CORE’s Professional Development Hub combines research and resources to offer world-class learning opportunities where professionals can earn CEUs through a variety of tailored and interactive seminars, conferences, lunch and learn events, and virtual webinars.

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We help communities report outcomes

Learn more about building a project that turns research into practice and receiving outcomes-based data on your project by joining our National Demonstration Program.

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