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PlayCore’s Center for Outreach, Research & Education is unique. Our commitment is to be a trusted resource to help communities turn research into practice in order to positively impact play and recreation outcomes across every community.

Our mission and purpose is building communities through play and recreation. Our passion is learning and collaborating with leaders and scholars to study play and recreation, and to share knowledge that positively advances diverse community needs.


The Center for Outreach, Research, and Education is the CORE of PlayCore. We live our mission of Building Communities through Play by investing in and advancing our scientific understanding of play and recreation in order to expand resources and educational services that stimulate play and recreation outcomes across communities. We concentrate our work around four pillars that form the foundation of our impact and advocacy efforts.


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Partnering with an unequalled network of world-renowned scholars, we develop research that validates the value of play and recreation across a variety of disciplines and topics. This commitment to data-driven knowledge informs all of our outreach resources and services.

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Evidence-Based Resources

Utilizing research findings, we provide a robust library of resources to help communities implement best practices for planning and design, curriculum and programming, advocacy, and community impact initiatives.

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Professional Development

Combining research and resources, we provide tailored learning opportunities and continuing education units through seminars, interactive conferences, lunch & learn events,and online webinars.

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Advocacy & Impact

From assisting with master planning to recognizing communities for projects of excellence that adhere to scholarly best practices, we act as community advocates to connect stakeholders, propel innovative projects, and impact community outcomes.

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