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The greatest things are achieved by teamwork

No one organization can do it alone. Through formal and informal partnerships with diverse scholars, organizations, and advocates, we source and share research-based knowledge - to advocate for and build healthy outdoor environments that transform community vitality at the local, national, and global level.

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Research, programming, education | Supporting independent, scholarly research for best practice resources that positively impact community vitality.

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Promoting the value of play and recreation | Committed to advancing community vitality and encouraging active lifestyles through tireless advocacy, ongoing preservation, and selfless dedication.

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Bringing active behavior to life | Fueling active lifestyles through funding to promote equity and community vitality for all people, everywhere.

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We partner and collaborate with like-minded scholars and organizations across several areas of expertise, in research, industry, and project development. We believe it is the talent and diversity of our national partners that enables us to bring a holistic perspective to our work at the local, national, and global level.

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