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Spectator seating, meaning the bleachers, grandstands, and other seating options used in arenas, stadiums, and public venues, is an important asset within a city or region for a variety of reasons. Thoughtfully planning the usage of the space, then maximizing the allotted area, engaging people comfortably, and planning for storage, press boxes, team accommodations, eating spaces, and inclusion are all critical to the success of a venue.

Research: Building infrastructure to support community events

Whether one is talking about attending a game to view a professional franchise team play, or an event at the local high school-community, spectator events and the places they are held have a galvanizing effect on communities.

Whether planning seating at a local school sports field. or creating a grand arena to anchor a city's infrastructure., comfortably accommodating spectators in a venue takes in depth planning, considerations for usage and amenities, and an understanding of design considerations and applications. PlayCore's expertise, planning tools and product selection can help.

Program: Resources to help guide planning

Make-A-Stand_Cover.jpg#asset:6178The Make A Stand guidebook was created to help communities plan, design, purchase, install, and maintain spectator seating. It’s a comprehensive guide designed to help build the kind of facility that meets your community’s specific and unique needs. In addition to design considerations and applications, the text reviews an overall history of spectator seating venues, modern standards and criteria, seating types and accessories, tips on purchasing and maintenance, and ways to include the community in the planning of the project. In addition, several case studies are offered to highlight specific communities and their approach and success.

Whether adding bleachers at a local park or undertaking a huge stadium build, this guidebook is a valuable resource. In addition, our product brands have a wide application of knowledge in building spectator seating options that meet unique needs, and have experience in projects of every size from providing a small tip and roll moveable bleacher to creating NASCAR and professional sport arenas.

Products to bring the plan to life

No matter the size or scope of the project, we have a vast selection of products to make a community's spectator venue spectacular. From a variety of seating options, to infrastructure necessities, like players benches, concession seating, bike racks, shade structures, and play areas, we can help make your venue an amazing community asset.


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