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High-quality outdoor play and recreation environments are essential to community health and wellness. Research indicates that when stakeholders are engaged in the planning process, evidence-based design best practices are implemented with the built environment, and supplemental programming is offered to further enhance user experiences, then positive outcomes occur.

PlayCore’s Center for Outreach, Research, and Education (CORE) leads the National Demonstration Site (NDS) Network as an important effort to raise national awareness, recognize projects of excellence, and help local communities demonstrate the positive impact they are making on Community Vitality. National Demonstration Sites use comprehensive and validated research to provide a unique way to organize and report the indicators of a vital community.

There are five design best practice programs that help communities turn research into practice. Choose to utilize one or a combination of National Demonstration Site designations to thoughtfully advocate for inclusive play, youth physical activity, adult outdoor fitness, nature play, and playful pathways.

Intentionally aligning to National Demonstration Site design criteria ensures that your community can maximize the value of your investment by implementing scholarly best practice research to activate play and recreation destinations. With evidence-based best practices to design and implement high-quality play and recreation environments, National Demonstration Sites receive recognition, demonstrate impact through data services, and site-specific reports to share and showcase the impact on community health and wellness.

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