National Demonstration Sites

Honoring communities with a commitment to excellence

The National Demonstration Site™ (NDS) program of excellence captures a community’s commitment to advancements in play and recreation, and recognizes their efforts through a comprehensive recognition program. Research and guidebooks in Outdoor Adult Fitness™, 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design®, Play On!® youth fitness, NatureGrounds®, and Pathways for Play™, create the foundation of the NDS program to inspire communities to build play and recreation spaces utilizing best practices and designs established by scholars and experts in the respective fields. PlayCore continues to support and encourage a community’s engagement through the design and implementation process and provides the tools to demonstrate their leadership to others. The sites are placed on the National Registry of Demonstration Sites and become part of our network for ongoing data collection.

If you are planning a project in any of our National Demonstration Site categories, and would like to understand more about recognizing your community's best practice effort, please contact us

Nds Seal Inclusion 2017

7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design®

For communities moving beyond accessibility to provide truly inclusive play spaces that promote participation, healthy activity, and social interaction.

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Nds Seal Fitness 2017

Outdoor Adult Fitness

Ensure adults receive a well-rounded workout by following research based guidelines that promote fitness across aerobic, core, muscle, and balance/flexibility development.

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Nds Seal Play On 2017

Play On!®

Bring programming and best practice design to your playground to ensure children reap the benefits of active behavior through six elements of play.

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Nds Seal Nature Grounds 2017


Bring nature to play, while promoting the highest use of playgrounds as demonstrated by research promoting integration of the built environment and the living landscape.

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Nds Seal Pathways For Play 2017

Pathways for Play®

Maximize usage of pathway and trail networks by including playful stops along the way that promote active families and community connectivity.

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