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In addition to being fun, swimming and water activities are great ways to g

Water has a wealth of benefits. In addition to being fun, swimming and water activities are great ways to get fit, stay healthy, and socialize with friends. Through our research and published work with recognized scholars in the aquatic field, we understand and appreciate the many benefits, and know that the water is a catalyst to encourage healthy behavior. Swimming can strengthen joints, reduce lower back pain, and help promote balance and fall prevention. For communities that offer an aquatic environment, are considering the addition of a pool, or are looking to add or expand their aquatic programming, our research and wide product selection can help create a community environment that benefits everyone. We specialize in world-renowned timing systems, for accurate timing and display in competitive swimming environments. Our offering also includes splash parks and fountains. Splash parks are a creative and inclusive way to promote water play in the community with accessible, ground-level activities. Architectural fountains offer another type of water experience, creating a soothing, peaceful environment, and providing sensory stimulation through motion and sound.

No matter the type of water play, PlayCore’s product portfolio helps communities provide meaningful water experiences that benefit everyone.


AquaWorx was founded in 2009 specializing in the design, development, and sales of pool filtration systems, tanks, water play, interactive splash pads and fountains, and accessories.

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Colorado Time Systems

Since 1972, Colorado Time Systems has been providing premier athletic facilities across the world with platinum quality timing, scoring, and display systems.

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Fountain People

Fountain People was founded in 1987 with the goal of providing architectural specifiers with a complete package of fountain products and services.

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Spectrum Aquatics

Spectrum Aquatics manufactures and sells a broad array of quality aquatic products used in the construction and operation of commercial swimming pools and spas.

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Water Odyssey

Water Odyssey creates standard and custom spray park equipment, as well as playground equipment accented by water spray.

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