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Dog ownership has skyrocketed over the past decade, and to answer the demand cities and and neighborhood developers are building more dog-friendly areas. One of the most popular, fastest growing amenities, dog parks are critical to supporting the needs of dog owners, especially in urban areas where off-leash space is difficult to find. PlayCore offers a comprehensive set of tools to help build advocacy, plan the space, and choose the right dog park products to keep dogs, owners, and the neighborhood happy.

Research: One of the fastest growing public amenities

Enjoyable for both residents and their pets, dog parks allow dogs to run and play off-leash, and are drawing pet owners in and keeping them happy. Establishing a dog park also works to reduce pet waste issues in a community by centralizing doggie deposits in one designated area. Dog parks are one more type of civic infrastructure used to accommodate a need—dogs are provided with the opportunity to exercise, socialize and play off-leash. Equally important, dog owners have a place to socialize with other dog owners and provide a space where people from diverse neighborhoods and backgrounds can meet and form friendships.

Program: Taking the right steps


The Unleashed® guidebook educates professionals, individuals, and communities on how they can advocate for off-leash dog parks. Through careful research on dog park benefits, planning, and promotion, the guidebook provides information on the value and benefits of these spaces, the design considerations associated with dog parks, and planning/implementation strategies. Marketing and programming ideas are highlighted to help communities increase their use and potential revenue sources. Successful off-leash dog park case studies are also presented to help inspire advocates to take action in their community.

Some of the topics included in the guidebook are:

  • The value of dog parks
  • Health and well-being benefits
  • Social and community benefits
  • Choosing a location
  • Dog-friendly settings
  • Promoting usage
  • Building a dog park
  • Marketing and programming your dog park

Choosing the right products

We also offer a full range of solutions for dog park design including agility-based elements for dog play, combination water fountains for people and their pets, seating options, and even pet waste stations with hand sanitizer for health-conscious clean-up.


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