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The public swimming pool is the place where people go to learn to swim, and engage in swimming and diving activities with friends and family. Besides these obvious benefits, the pool offers a wealth of health advancements not found in other recreation environments. Swimming is linked to many of the same healthy benefits associated with other forms of aerobic exercise, its fun, and can provide benefits not found in other exercise environments.

The benefits of water immersion are numerous

Water-Immersion-Works_Cover.jpg#asset:6179From improving cardiovascular health, to assisting those who have PTSD to helping people with joint issues get aerobic exercise, the pool is an amazing community resource. Water Immersion Works® is a unique aquatics vignettes collection by some of the most respected aquatic scholars. The publication highlights the many research-based benefits of water immersion and activity, how it improves our health, and how it empowers communities to advocate for the overall health of every individual, uniting families, and building communities. Water immersion topics include biological benefits, increasing energy, strengthening muscles, promoting balance, and benefits related to cardio metabolic responses to name a few. Aquatic scholar contributors include Thomas Lachocki, Ph.D., Bruce Becker, M.D., Steven Blair, P.E.D., Eadric Bressel, Ph.D, Paul Chantler, Ph.D, Dennis Dolny, Ph.D., Elizabeth “Betsy” Nagle, Ph.D., Jacquelyn Ann Nagle, Ph.D., and Hirofumi Tanaka, Ph.D., and the topics they address are robust and meaningful, to communities wishing to advocate for a pool, to aquatic centers looking to increase their appeal and audience.

When it comes to augmenting your pool with products that encourage active lifestyles, our aquatic brands offer a full range of competitive equipment, fun accessories, helpful fixtures to augment access, and even build/maintenance assistance. Contact us to find out the many ways that water play can bring communities together while increasing participation and community health.

Augmenting your pool with products to expand usage

Our aquatic brands offer a variety of competitive and leisure aquatic products including timing systems, scoreboards, starting blocks, pool lifts, diving boards, and various other aquatic products. Our wide selection of ADA pool lifts have helped pools across the country meet compliance standards and become accessible for people with disabilities. We also offer pool building and maintenance equipment to help keep your public pool healthy and sparkling. 


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