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We know through extensive research that the key to effectively nurturing the potential of all people in play is dependent on inclusion. An inclusive recreation space is one of the best things a community can do for people. Inclusive play and recreation simply means no one is left out, and everyone-of all ages and abilities- can play to the greatest extent possible. A great inclusive space is more than just choosing products-the design should be based on validated, scholarly research, carefully considered products, and ultimately celebrate the voice of the community. At PlayCore, we've conducted more inclusive research, designed more inclusive products, and helped create more happy, successful inclusive community stories. Be one of them.

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Research: Evidence-based design, programming, and products

No play and recreation company is as deeply invested in the study and development of inclusive play. Our unique inclusive play programs provide scholarly, evidence-based design and programming considerations for creating outdoor play environments and experiences that address the physical and social inclusion for people of all ages and abilities. These educational resources help communities move playgrounds beyond minimum accessibility guidelines to provide inclusive, multigenerational play destinations that encourage active, independent, and meaningful play for everyone. Inclusive play is our passion and purpose.

Programs: Our scholarly approach

Luckily, our partnerships with scholars and experts in inclusive play can help make this easy. Start with Me2: 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design®, our inclusive planning guidebook created in partnership with Dr. Keith Christensen at Utah State’s Center for Persons With Disabilities, that utilizes the 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design to provide accurate considerations for an inclusive play space.

Me2_Cover.jpg#asset:4130This best practice design guidebook contains supportive research, community engagement strategies, advocacy resources, and model inclusive play case examples for upgrading or designing outdoor inclusive play environments. Whole communities start with inclusively designed whole environments which carefully meet the needs of the whole child. Children want to ‘Be’ and feel fair, included, smart, independent, safe, active, and comfortable during play. The 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design focus on the usage of individual play activities as well as the context of the overall environmental design. By aligning these design principles and the specific guidelines and considerations, communities can create whole environments that support the active participation of all people, of all ages, and all abilities.

2Play-Together_Cover.jpg#asset:4129Check out 2 Play Together®, an activity book created in partnership with Lekotek, filled with playground activities and programming tips designed to create awareness, break down barriers, and foster friendships between children of all abilities. The book contains supportive research and disability awareness tools and fun playground activities aligned to character education.

“The Me2 program is founded on the understanding that beyond disability, there are abilities; beyond accessibility, there is inclusion.”

- Keith Christensen, Ph.D.
Faculty Fellow, Utah State University Center for Persons with Disabilities

Inclusive Products

Inclusive Water Parks
Outdoor Musical Instruments
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Accessible Picnic Tables
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ADA Pool Lifts
Inclusive Climbing Walls
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