Words On Play Inclusion
BlogInclusion: Providing equal opportunities for physical and social play

Beyond disability, there are abilities; beyond accessibility, there is inclusion.

Targeting Users
BlogOutdoor Adult Fitness Parks Marketing

​To ensure that your Outdoor Adult Fitness Park is used regularly, you need ensure that the program is properly scheduled and marketed.

Dero Parklet Cafe
BlogDon’t forget these great site amenities

Don't forget those extra site amenities that will really provide the most useful benefits to your space.

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BlogBrain Development: The Science of Play Research

Humans are designed by biology to play throughout their entire life cycle.

Water Aerobics 4
BlogStrengthening Low Back Muscles and Reducing Pain

The use of aquatic exercise therapy for treating back pain has many theoretical advantages over land-based exercise programs.

Play For Seniors
BlogPlay for Seniors: A Health Mandate

There is an increasing prevalence of depression in virtually all age groups, however the highest incidence of depression and suicide is seen in older ages.

Surfacing Play Value News Image
BlogSurfacing Play Value

Play value can be described as how children read play affordances in the play environment that can motivate and reinforce play.

Girls Playing Drums Music
BlogMusic and Movement Activities

Time for a rhythmic conversation! Here is a fun way for play leaders, teachers, and parents to get children to participate in a conversation.

Water Aerobics 1
BlogPreventing and Lowering High Blood Pressure with Water Immersion

The available research indicates that swimming exercise performed regularly in the pool is effective in reducing blood pressure in patients with hypertension.