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Programs and PartnershipsNew Programs - Coming Soon!

We are excited to be releasing two new program updates on dog parks and surfacing.

Play Core Day Of Caring Group Picture Blog
BlogPlayCore Day of Caring donates supplies and volunteer time to a Chattanooga magnet to revitalize school grounds

Calvin Donaldson in Alton Park was the recipient of a day of caring to restore outdoor learning environments, improve the play area, and freshen indoor office.

Thank You Cards
Community Giving Initiatives Spectrum Aquatics Day of Caring 2018 - DeSmet School

For their 2018 project, Spectrum held a fundraiser to provide school supplies to their neighbors at DeSmet School.

Harrisburg Va Case Example 1
Case StudiesCase Example: Use a Variety of Surfacing Options to Promote Inclusion

A Dream Come True park, in Harrisburg, VA, incorporates a variety of elements to ensure that children of all abilities can play together.

Broadway Elem Central Valley Sd Spokane
Case StudiesCase Study: Powering Up for Health and Physical Activity with Bikes at Will Rogers Middle School

At Will Rogers Middle School in Fair Oaks, CA, students learn about bike safety and the health benefits of cycling, and then venture out in to the community.

Happy Girl With Mr
Case StudiesCase Study: Rotary Club Brings Harmony To Minneapolis Playground

Kids, parents, and neighbors in Northeast Minneapolis can now play instruments to make music without lessons or experience of any kind.

Outdoor Fitness Case Study Main Terrain Art Park
Case StudiesCase Study: Connecting Communities through Fitness, Public Art, and Sustainability

Main Terrain Art Park in Chattanooga, TN was created with a vision that public art with a fitness focus would connect communities and offer new experiences.

Words On Play Learning
BlogLearning: Intimately Engaging Young Minds

The evidence is quite clear that play equals learning across developmental domains. Children’s learning occurs in many places besides the classroom.

2 Play Together Story Starter
BlogInclusive Playground Activities: Story Starter

Learn how to communicate with friends of all abilities in different ways, include them in conversations, and serve as a positive language model to others.