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Research supports the bike-friendly community as a healthy option in a variety of ways. Cycling provides opportunities to counteract obesity and sedentary behavior, as well as carbon emissions caused by driving. But to be truly bike-friendly, a community must be thoughtful in the planning and execution of bicycle paths, lanes, and roadways in order to provide safer routes that cyclists will use. Our scholarly partnerships, research, and product options around bicycle infrastructure can help communities invest in active transportation, and build more bicycle-inclusive communities.


Cities are growing rapidly, with 70% of the world population expected to live in urban centers by the year 2050. The bicycle represents an increasingly attractive tool to transport significant numbers of people in an effective, healthy way. Our research shows the many ways that bicycling can increase health, equitable transportation, reduce pollution, and offer a practical resource for transportation. Supportive evidence of its benefit on mental health and well-being, socioeconomic impact, and environmental impact are undeniable, but bicycling infrastructure must be taken into account in a city's master plan in order to build effective transportation networks.


Shift-Into-Gear-Cover.jpg#asset:9144Our partnership with 8 80 Cities along with the input of bicycling advocates, professionals, and champions in the field across a variety of communities has resulted in Shift into GearĀ®: A Bicycling Advocacy Resource. This comprehensive guidebook reviews the overwhelming positive research showing the benefits of bicycle friendly communities and their effect on building clean, equitable, healthy transportation options. From making the case to planning and design, to promotion and policy, the guidebook can help communities support, plan, and execute meaningful cycling infrastructure. Case Studies are included to share stories of success.

The wonderful "bonus" of having many more people riding bicycles to their places of destination is that we'll end up with vibrant cities and healthier communities where people will live happier, regardless of their age, gender, socioeconomic, or ethnic background.

- Gil Penalosa, MBA, PhDhc CSP
Founder 8 80 Cities

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