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We believe that play and recreation are essential for a healthier, happier society and critical to improving the quality of life for diverse individuals, families, and communities. Our mission is building communities through play and recreation. Our passion is networking and collaborating with, and learning from, the world's foremost scholars and experts to study play and recreation, and to share learning and knowledge that positively advances diverse community needs.

The best part of learning is sharing what you know

Dr. Vaughan K. Lauer

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Center for Outreach, Research & Education

PlayCore's Center for Outreach & Education is the CORE of what we do. We invest in knowledge, connect scholarly research with best practice resources, act as collaborative partners for education and community impact, and champion play and recreation initiatives.

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Evidence Based Resources

Utilizing research findings, we provide a robust library of resources to help communities implement best practices for planning and design, curriculum and programming, advocacy, and community impact initiatives.

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Professional Development

Combining research and resources, we provide tailored learning opportunities and continuing education units through seminars, interactive conferences, lunch & learn events, and online webinars.

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National Demonstration Sites

PlayCore's National Demonstration Site program recognizes communities who follow the best practices outlined in the research and resources from our esteemed scholar network across five design designations - inclusion, physical activity, adult outdoor fitness, playful pathways, and nature.

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Funding Tool

Part of our mission is to help connect communities to the funds and other resources they need to make their dream play and recreation space a reality. We invite you to search our database below to see what grant opportunities may be available in your area.

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PlayCore attends and presents at several shows, symposiums, and events throughout the year, and we’d love to meet with you and hear more about your community’s play and recreation goals! Check our calendar for upcoming events, conferences, education sessions, and more!

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Resource Briefs

At PlayCore, we are always tracking the latest in play and recreation research, advocacy, policy, programming, and news. Our weekly Resource Briefs deliver a quick update to keep you informed of initiatives that can have an effect on the overall landscape of recreation.

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Our email newsletter contains the latest news, community project successes, outcomes, and events from PlayCore and our family of companies, and is delivered for free, every quarter, to registered subscribers, with occasional updates to report on topical events.

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Our News page provides an at a glance look at relevant park and recreation stories, grand openings, and other industry news.

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