Site, Bike Storage, & Dog Parks

Enhancing play and recreation settings and creating welcoming environments

Site amenities play a critical role in enhancing play and recreation settings and help communities create welcoming environments that can increase value and add aesthetics and function.

Providing shade, shelter, seating, picnic tables, outdoor grills, and litter receptacles make gathering spaces more comfortable. Adding spectator seating to sporting fields and other areas of observation also increases comfort and usability.

Outdoor musical instruments are one of the newest, fastest growing amenities, providing playful options for people of all ages and abilities to come together and create real music, whether they know how to play an instrument or not.

Bike racks and storage systems provide secure places for cyclists to store bikes away from pedestrian traffic while enjoying local services, and adding shade and shelter offers style, protection, and function to outdoor spaces.

Dog parks are one of the fastest growing amenities in public spaces today. People often assume they’re primarily for the benefit of dogs, but research demonstrates that they are enjoyed just as much, if not more, by dog owners.

We help our customers promote placemaking with several design guides for site specific enhancements and a diverse selection of site amenities that enhance the ways people live, work, and play, while encouraging outdoor activity and cultivating community.


Dero designs innovative bicycling infrastructure that people rely on every day: bike racks, bicycle storage, public bike repair, and street design amenities.

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Frog Furnishings

Frog Furnishings understands the importance of recycling. Their state of the art manufacturing process, attention to detail, and engineering expertise are the reasons their products are not only exceptional, but help reduce landfill and deforestation.

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ICON Shelter Systems

ICON Shelter Systems is a design and manufacturing company of steel framed building systems, with development of recreational structures as its primary focus. They direct their effort to a commitment of being the best at what they do, and on finding new ideas, new products, and new processes.

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National Recreation Systems

National Recreation Systems is a leader in bleacher system manufacturing, design, and innovation. That leadership is based on unsurpassed service and products.

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Porter Corp

Porter Corp, founded in 1964, is the market leader in innovative building materials and beautiful, architectural, custom shade and shelters.

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Superior Recreational Products

Superior Recreational Products has spent nearly three decades developing and acquiring product lines that help you play, relax, and live.

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UltraSite manufactures outdoor recreation products including site amenities, dog parks, outdoor adult fitness equipment, as well as shade and shelter products.

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Victor Stanley

Victor Stanley, a leader in quality site furnishings, helps you bring your visions to life. From benches and bike racks to smart litter receptacles, we meticulously design, engineer and manufacture every detail to ensure our site furnishings will withstand the test of time.

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