Frequently Asked Questions

Where is PlayCore located?

We are headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, with several manufacturing sites across the US and Canada. If you’re looking for a brand sales representative, they are everywhere that people live and we’d be happy to refer you to the closest one!

How can I find out about working at PlayCore?

We maintain an updated list of openings across our company on our Careers page. If you see a position that you’re interested in, click the link for it and follow the instructions to apply!

Is PlayCore a playground company?

Our roots are in playgrounds, but we design, manufacture and build complete recreation environments all over the world using the widest range of products you can get from one manufacturer! Great recreation spaces can include any combination of play, fitness, surfacing, bike parking, site furnishings, spectator seating, splash pads, climbing walls, aquatic centers, dog parks, and more. We love combining them in fun ways to help communities create active spaces that people love.

What is Community Vitality?

In its broadest context, Community Vitality is the ability of a community to sustain itself as well as provide opportunities for its residents to pursue their own life goals and experience positive life outcomes. PlayCore’s CORE services are built around identifying, informing, and increasing Community Vitality in the communities we serve.  

What is a National Demonstration Site?

The National Demonstration Site™ (NDS) program recognizes community commitment to building play and recreation spaces built on evidence-based research. The program covers spaces designed to embrace inclusive play, youth fitness, adult fitness, and/or nature play utilizing best practices and designs established by scholars and experts in their respective fields. The sites are placed on the National Registry of Demonstration Sites and become part of our network for ongoing data collection.

How do I become a National Demonstration Site?

Contact us and we’ll have an expert reach out to help you design your community’s National Demonstration Site.

How do you conduct research?

We work closely with the most recognized scholars in a given field to research both best practices and outcomes. Our network of scholars and experts have centuries of combined experience in what makes play and recreation meaningful and developmental, and help us apply their studies to design so your community benefits from an environment developed with real and credible research. From original research to doctoral dissertations to qualitative and quantitative data collection, our research partners have worked with us to develop field tested best practices across a variety of disciplines.

How do I get started in designing a recreation space?

Just contact us! Each community is unique, so the first thing we want to know is your goals, your budget, and your community vision. From there, we will work closely with you to design the best recreation space for your needs. From initial design and renderings to installation and ribbon cutting, to programming and outcomes, we’re here to make sure the process is smooth and results in exactly what you envision.

What’s the difference between accessible and inclusive?

There are a lot of words being used to describe building a space for people of all abilities. In our vernacular, accessible simply means you can “get there,” and is generally directed toward people who use mobility devices. Inclusive encompasses access, but also includes “what happens once you get there.” Inclusive means ensuring that ALL people can enjoy the space intuitively, taking into account every ability, disability, age, and comfort level. No one is more vested in building meaningful inclusive play and recreation spaces than PlayCore, from conducting the first scholarly research on inclusive play, to developing ground breaking innovations to break down barriers in play and recreation, to designing programs to help educate and foster friendships between people of all abilities on the playground.

How can I raise funds for my project?

There are many different ways, a great place to start is our funding tool! This rich database is full of grants that have funded recreation projects. Additionally, the resource offers additional funding search tools and grant writing resources to get you started.

Do I need to contact PlayCore, or one of your brands to design and build our project?

Either is fine! If you know which brand you wish to work with, by all means, contact them directly. If you need further information, or your project requires multiple brands/product types, contact us, and we’ll steer you in the right direction!

Do you have philanthropy guidelines?

Yes! As a Mission and Values based company, we care deeply about giving back to the communities where we live work and play, and channel our philanthropic efforts in two ways:

  1. Charities of Choice-Each year we identify our Charities of Choice, and donate to them throughout the year via a variety of campaigns, fundraising events, and volunteerism.
  2. Day of Caring-Each of our brand teams identifies a Day of Caring project every year where we help build communities through volunteerism.

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