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As a health and wellness-focused company we believe in research, and our unmatched network of scholar partners has centuries of combined experience in health, wellness, and recreation research. Their work informs our library of resources and professional development offering. We also partner with our brand family to create an extensive selection of research-based products, to offer you turnkey services on complete recreation environments, delight your community, and activate healthy lifestyles and behavior across all ages, interests, and abilities. Learn more about our scholar network and research/brand categories below, and let's work together to build healthy communities through play & recreation.

Our Scholar Network

PlayCore is proud to partner with leading experts, universities, and scholars that are committed to play and recreation. Our research partners work with us to develop field-tested best practices across a variety of play and recreation disciplines. Meet the Scholars.


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Inclusion Index


Building an inclusive recreation space is one of the best things a community can do for people. Inclusive play and recreation simply means no one is left out, and everyone of all ages and abilities can play to the greatest extent possible.

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Nature Play

Research reveals a link between people’s experiences with nature and their psychological well-being and development. Learn how our research has created opportunities for designing nature back into children’s lives, to benefit children’s play and engage communities to create richer play experiences.

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Playful Trails 1 Image Grid

Playful Trails

Innovative pathway designs infused with play is a paradigm change that could increase children's walking and biking habits by offering a network of intriguing linear play environments connecting children's homes to playgrounds and other meaningful, daily life destinations.

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Play On Youth Fitness

Youth Physical Activity

Physical activity in play is critical for healthy lifestyles and the development of the mind, body, and spirit. Communities are seeking valid ways to address the dramatic rise in childhood obesity and combat sedentary lifestyles in new, exciting ways.

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Outdoor Adult Fitness Od Cta

Outdoor Adult Fitness

Outdoor adult fitness spaces are a growing way to help get adults actively engaged in healthy activity. Creating a meaningful outdoor fitness space can be a challenge without the right information to help guide your choices.

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Transformational Impact2

Intergenerational Play

Intergenerational play and recreation fosters inclusion and brings people together to improve life for people of all ages.

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Child And Dog Playing At Park

Dog Parks

With pet ownership on the rise in the United States, many communities have started introducing special amenities and advertising themselves as “pet friendly” to build community capital and attract new residents to the area.

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Spectator Seating Index

Spectator Seating

Spectator seating is an important asset within a city or region for a variety of reasons. Maximizing the allotted space, engaging people while ensuring comfort, and planning for storage, press boxes, team accommodations, eating spaces, etc are critical to the success of a venue.

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Aquatics 3 Image Grid


The public swimming pool is the place where kids go to learn to swim, families go for a fun pool session, and summertime sessions offer those on vacation from school and outlet for activity and gathering. The pool offers a wealth of health advancements not found in other recreation environments.

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Surfacing 4 Image Grid


Surfacing is the finishing touch for many recreation environments. While it is essential in playgrounds, it can provide comfort, aesthetics, and maintenance relief in many types of spaces. We can provide guidance on planning, purchasing, and protecting your surfacing, as well as the products.

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Bicycling Solutions 1 Grid


Research supports the bike-friendly community as a healthy option in a variety of ways. Our scholarly partnerships, research, and product options around bicycle infrastructure can help communities invest in active transportation, and build more bicycle-inclusive communities.

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Music Park Cta

Outdoor Music

Perhaps nothing has been as fundamental to the shared human experience throughout history as much as music. In addition to being enjoyable; research shows how music has positive effects on learning, memory, and our ability to experience pleasure.

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Green Schoolyards Solutions

Green Schoolyards

PlayCore has joined forces with the Children & Nature Network to raise awareness and overcome barriers in the implementation of green schoolyards. Together, we will survey and engage school staff and other partners, share best practices, create model environments, and share benefits, impact, and out

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