Creating Conditions of Possibility

Diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces for individuals with disabilities

Communities’ recreation spaces, such as parks and playgrounds, are so very important to community members with disabilities as they establish the conditions of possibility for how people live in a community.  Diverse, equitable, inclusive recreation spaces support participation in everyday activities and relationships, while unsupportive environments can lead to isolation, exclusion, and marginalization.  Careful planning and coordination of a community’s recreation spaces is necessary to ensure individuals with disabilities have just and equitable access to the supports needed for participating in daily activities of community living.  This webinar will present practices to promote the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in a community’s public recreation spaces and their participation in daily activities of community living.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop increased awareness of diverse, equitable, or inclusive experiences in community living.
  2. Discuss what diversity, equity, or inclusion looks like across a community’s public recreation spaces.
  3. Describe best practices for implementing diverse, equitable, or inclusive public recreation spaces in a community.

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