Bike Parking

Standards and Installation

Course Description:

The growth of bike use for transportation and tourism has increased significantly in the past decade and as a result, deliberate attention to bike parking is needed now more than ever. Bike storage facilities have become an integral part of new developments and are touted as a premium asset in commercial and residential properties. This session provides a fundamental approach to comprehensive bike parking standards, from selecting the right equipment to adequately preparing the space. The Bike Parking Standards and Installation session provides the expertise to improve bike storage to meet the needs of both the developer and the end user.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the fundamental design features that create desirable bike parking facilities.
  • Use appropriate spacing standards for installation to allow for easy access for cyclists and their bicycles.
  • Identify the key considerations to meet ADA, LEED, and Parksmart standards.
  • Explain how to apply common guidelines of bike parking requirements.

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