Motivation to Move

Promoting Physical Activity in Intergenerational Park Destinations

By thoughtfully creating outdoor destinations with health and wellness in mind, communities can dramatically impact their efforts in promoting less sedentary lifestyles across generations. Uncover innovative solutions, explore case examples, evidence-based programs, and unique design strategies that inspire people of all ages to live healthier, happier lives through active play and fitness.


  • Create an advocacy message in support of your community‚Äôs need/desire to intentionally address outdoor physical activity for intergenerational use.
  • List three intentional evidence-based design best practices to increase physical activity in outdoor play and recreation environments.
  • Outline two case examples of communities that intentionally planned, designed, and/or programmed a park destination with fitness in mind.
  • Summarize two ways playgrounds and/or adult fitness equipment can be programmed to support health and wellness initiatives.