BlogBut Why Playful Placemaking?

When we move from a language of drawing and presentation to a language of play, the community CAN imagine situations and share what they see as possible.

BlogEnvironments that Promote Intergenerational Play and Recreation

A study conducted by the RAND Corporation44 found that parks are increasingly geared toward the young. The study focused on cities with a population of more tha

BlogBuild Data-driven Destinations

National Demonstration Sites put research into practice in five categories: Inclusion, Nature Play, Playful Pathways, Youth Physical Activity, and Adult Fitness

BlogBuild Advocacy for Play and Recreation

You have the power to advocate for public services, active infrastructure, and the important role that public recreation spaces play in Community Vitality.

BlogFind Funding for Active Infrastructure, Programming, and Opportunities to Improve Active Behavior

Investments in public recreation areas improve access to green space and nature, make communities more equitable, and bring vital infrastructure and programs.

BlogKeep Learning with the CORE Professional Development Hub

CORE Professional Development Hub is an online learning platform that helps design and public service agencies stay on top of engaging learning opportunities.

BlogPromote Nature with Play, Recreation, and Outdoor Spaces

Guidelines developed with the Natural Learning Initiative, College of Design, NC State University resulted in two programs that design nature back into lives.

Blog6 Playground Activities That Promote Physical Activity

A well-designed play space addresses the needs of the whole child and offer a wide variety of activities that motivate, engage, and challenge all children.

BlogAligning to Health Benefits and Total Body Fitness

In order to reap maximum health benefits, a well-rounded exercise program must contain a variety of elements, each offering specific results for overall health.