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It’s common in our shared industries to require continuing education credits. Even if that isn’t a requirement for your specific job function, ongoing learning is a great way to stay in touch with ongoing trends and best practices. It also helps if the material is engaging and useful! Enter the CORE Professional Development Hub, an online learning platform that helps park and recreation, landscape architects, architects and other design and public service agencies stay on top of engaging learning opportunities. By combining the knowledge from our Research Institute and Resource Library, we offer world-class learning opportunities where professionals can share learning and earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through a variety of tailored events and diverse topics.

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By creating an account, interested parties can attend any listed sessions, will receive ongoing notification of upcoming new sessions, and even better, will have a personalized portal where all of their CEU certificates are stored, no more having to hunt them down or send requests at the end of the year to send in your proof of attendance!

Some of our recent topics included a 3-part learning series on LWCF funding, biophilic design, playground maintenance and supervision, intergenerational space design and creating well-rounded adult fitness spaces. Sessions feature the research shared by the scholars in our Research Institute, the programs they have developed, and often appearances by the scholars themselves, with opportunities to engage and ask questions as part of each session.

It’s always a great time for new learning! Join us!

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