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BlogPlayCore Day of Caring donates supplies and volunteer time to a Chattanooga magnet to revitalize school grounds

Calvin Donaldson in Alton Park was the recipient of a day of caring to restore outdoor learning environments, improve the play area, and freshen indoor office.

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BlogEarly Play Patterns as a Predictor of Life and Passion

Play patterns emerge early, and their hallmark is spontaneous glee.

Words On Play Learning
BlogLearning: Intimately Engaging Young Minds

The evidence is quite clear that play equals learning across developmental domains. Children’s learning occurs in many places besides the classroom.

2 Play Together Story Starter
BlogInclusive Playground Activities: Story Starter

Learn how to communicate with friends of all abilities in different ways, include them in conversations, and serve as a positive language model to others.

Words On Play Inclusion
BlogInclusion: Providing equal opportunities for physical and social play

Beyond disability, there are abilities; beyond accessibility, there is inclusion.

Targeting Users
BlogOutdoor Adult Fitness Parks Marketing

​To ensure that your Outdoor Adult Fitness Park is used regularly, you need ensure that the program is properly scheduled and marketed.

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BlogDon’t forget these great site amenities

Don't forget those extra site amenities that will really provide the most useful benefits to your space.

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BlogBrain Development: The Science of Play Research

Humans are designed by biology to play throughout their entire life cycle.

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BlogStrengthening Low Back Muscles and Reducing Pain

The use of aquatic exercise therapy for treating back pain has many theoretical advantages over land-based exercise programs.