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BlogPolicy and Funding: Turning Bicycling Advocacy into Action

A variety of legislative and funding resources can help communities prioritize their advocacy efforts for bicycling.

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BlogCommitting to Healthy Activity

The key to achieving and maintaining health is regular activity, and discovering what you enjoy, what fits your schedule, and what motivates you to continue.

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BlogPlay and movement, and “knowing” through movement

Movement play lights up the brain and fosters learning, innovation, flexibility, adaptability, and resilience.

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BlogWhat is the meaning of inclusive play?

​How can I create a really great inclusive playground?

BlogBicycling Promotes Health & Fitness

Bicycling reduces the risk of obesity, may help control weight gain, and has positive effects on individuals’ well-being.

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BlogChoosing a Location for Off-leash Dog Parks

Choosing a Location for Off-leash Dog Parks

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BlogPhysical Activity: Creating Healthy Bodies Through Play

Research suggests unstructured play during recess can play a positive role in learning, behavior, social development, and health of elementary school children.

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Blog9 Unique Benefits of Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks

Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks are a fun, sustainable way to promote healthy behavior while reaping the benefits of nature.

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BlogVisit A Local Inclusion National Demonstration Site Today!

Every play and recreation setting can help uniquely tell a community’s story and provide the critical benefits of play.