Planning For The Future
BlogPlanning for the Future

In the Blueprint for Play series, we explore ways to help ensure your play and recreation space is valuable for years to come.

Active Senior Woman In Pool
BlogReducing Arthritis Joint Stress through Water Immersion

Water-based exercise are ideal forms of exercise for patients with arthritis to perform on a regular basis.

Monkey See Monkey Do
BlogInclusive Playground Activity: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Playground Programming to Foster Friendships Through Inclusive Play

Boy And Dog
BlogPlay and the Brain...

Play can now be seen in perspectives that increase its overall importance in brain function and development

Wod Pic3
BlogCreativity & Imagination: Play, the world, and me

​Children learn about the environment and themselves by picking up information through active interaction with their surroundings.

Winter Couple Sledding
BlogStaying Healthy over the Winter Months

Tips on staying healthy during the winter months.

Happy Couple Enjoying Time Together At Beach
BlogEnjoying a fulfilling life by retaining our ability and right to play

With a little prompting, we can the trigger the spontaneous play we enjoyed in childhood. Embedded in our nature is this capacity to lighten up our adult lives.

Water Aerobics 3
BlogBurning Calories through Water Exercise

You can experience a level of calorie burning during water exercises that will rival and perhaps exceed anything you could ever attain on land.

Wop Nature
BlogNature: Infusing the natural world into the everyday spaces of childhood

Nature supports the development of all children, regardless of their level of ability, and helps them discover themselves, physically, socially, and emotionally