BlogInclusion: Providing equal opportunities for physical and social play

Beyond disability, there are abilities; beyond accessibility, there is inclusion.

BlogLanguage Matters! Disability Language Tips & Examples

Use these disability terminology tips to raise awareness and champion inclusive programs and spaces in your community!

BlogInclusive Features to Positively Enhance Park Experiences for All Visitors

Use this comprehensive park checklist to thoughtfully create a welcoming atmosphere and outdoor play and recreation destinations.

BlogUnderstanding Diversity, Inclusion & Social Equity in Outdoor Play and Recreation Environments

Addressing diversity in outdoor environments demonstrates how a community respects and values all forms of inherent differences we possess as individuals.

BlogMeasuring Playful Placemaking Outcomes and Planning for Success

When measuring the outcomes generated through playful placemaking, capturing data is key to success.

BlogStrategies for Hosting Playful Placemaking Events

In leading, designing, or passionate about projects in your community, playful placemaking offers you a unique opportunity to lead facilitation through play.

Blog5 Types of Playful Placemaking Experiences

Research has identified five types of play that are an integral part of human development and can help plan your playful placemaking experiences.

BlogUtilizing Social Science to Engage Communities Through Playful Placemaking

Community planning sessions, if mindfully developed and presented, can bring energy and productivity and create a rewarding experience for those involved.

BlogEvidence for Playful Placemaking

Observationally, there is much to share about the alignments of how all people, young and old, benefit from play and how playful placemaking methodologies.