Build Data-driven Destinations

What is your goal for a new recreation space? More inclusive play? Immersive adult fitness? Increasing family interaction on trails? Active youth? Combining nature and the built environment? What if you could have a learned scholar, who specialized in the goal you envision, advise on your space and provide design best practice, infuse their evidence-based practice into the equipment to build a research-driven space, then gather and interpret data in reports to measure and demonstrate outcomes, and defend future funding for similar spaces throughout the community?

You can. We call them National Demonstration Sites, or NDS.

Participate in this:National Demonstration Sites put research into practice in five categories: Inclusion, Nature Play, Playful Pathways, Youth Physical Activity, and Adult Fitness.

After designing and building the site, we prepare your reports with aggregated local and site-collected data to demonstrate site impact, engagement, and user sentiments. Each report aligns to the seven indicators of Community Vitality to provide a collective view of the health and wellness outcomes your site contributes to the community. NDS owners and managers have access to a dedicated portal where your site-specific tools and reports are stored.

Contact us at with the subject line “NDS info” and we will share how you can take advantage of evidence-based design, create a new play/recreation destination, participate in ongoing data collection, and receive reports measuring the space’s impact on the community’s vitality, providing meaningful ways for community stakeholders to gather and share outcomes data.

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