Find Funding for Active Infrastructure, Programming, and Opportunities to Improve Active Behavior

Investments in public recreation areas improve access to green space and nature, make communities more equitable, help bring vital infrastructure and programs to people, and contribute to, and improve, all seven indicators of Community Vitality.

Explore this: Funding Tool

PlayCore’s Funding Tool provides a list of grants that can help identify funding for active infrastructure, programming, or other opportunities to improve active behavior.

Investigate this: Land & Water Conservation Fund

Additionally, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Program is a federal program authorized by Congress for the purpose of both acquiring federal lands and assisting states and local governments with funds to acquire lands and develop and renovate outdoor recreation facilities. It was passed in 1965 and permanently reauthorized in March 2019. LWCF funds are appropriated by Congress to the National Parks Service (NPS), and NPS allocates the funds through state agencies as a grant program to state and local governments. It’s a matching assistance program that provides grants for 50% of the cost for the acquisition and/or development/ redevelopment of outdoor recreation sites and facilities. The allocation may vary from state to state, and if you’ve never applied, or just need a refresher course, the articles, case examples, and list of contacts at the LWCF Resource Hub are valuable tools to help.

Review this: Funding Blog

Finally, review the list of articles, grant ideas, and case examples in this blog. Designed to help grant writers, whether new or experienced, it offers a variety of tools, advice, and best practices to aid grant seekers in achieving their goals.

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