Aligning Values & Goals for Funding

Passion and persistence can be persuasive, but don't overlook the importance of alignment in goals, values, and measurement of outcomes. You want funders and donors to literally buy in to the dream and make it theirs as well. Once you establish the funding options that are available to you, let them guide the project team, your partners in the build, the community at large, and your existing and potential funders. It will be critical to articulate both the community vision and the plan with all potential funding targets in order to be successful.

Defining the Purpose

While features and benefits make excellent talking points, you'll really need to communicate a compelling message about WHY the initiative is so important - why now, why at all, and why your targets for funding will benefit - so that your actual ask (and there needs to be an ask) is meaningful, heard, understood, and acted upon. The more you know about and relate to the funder's interests, and their internal processes for community and charitable giving, the more success you will have in stating your case so that it appeals to their emotions and values. By giving your proposition a 'storyline' with clear goals and visual imagery that can speak to your supporters' emotions, the prospect will be able to better visualize their contribution having a positive impact.

Publicizing your Campaign

Publicizing your campaign is critical. You can accomplish this by executing kick-off initiatives, letter writing, direct marketing, permission based email campaigns, creating/distributing flyers, posters & announcements, e-fundraising, websites, holding personal meetings and speaking engagements, canvassing business districts, contacting corporate philanthropists, as well as promoting sponsorships, special events, and programs. You'll need appealing and informative communications to support your outreach and some project management tools to keep you in sync with the project budget and timelines.

With all of these fundraising approaches, you'll want to be prepared to inform and inspire with respect to your cause, acknowledge the prospect's reasons for giving, highlight anticipated community involvement and impact, and address any concerns or objectives.

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