Treasure Hunt
BlogSummer Activity: Treasure Hunt

Provide children opportunities to practice communication through speech, gestures, signs, pictures, or other communication systems.

Pump It Up Activity
BlogSummer Activity Game: Pump It Up

Pump It Up emphasizes quick and forceful leg pumps to promote coordination and the movement qualities of force and speed.

Wiw 4 5
BlogPromoting Nervous System Health through Water Immersion

Immersion facilitates an increase in the cardiac output of blood throughout the body, increasing the supply of oxygen to muscles and the central nervous system.

Follow The Zookeeper Activity
BlogSummer Activity Game: Follow the Zookeeper

Follow the zookeeper fosters creativity, body awareness and leadership opportunities, while integrating science concepts with physical activity.

Planning Fitness Space Blog
BlogPlanning Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks

When thinking about what types of equipment to use for your Outdoor Adult Fitness Park, consider placement, sight lines, and other amenities.

Basic Training Activity
BlogSummer Activity Game: Basic Training

The basic training activity integrates all the six elements of play in an obstacle like challenge.

Photo For Resilience Blog
BlogThe Science of Play: How Play Helps Us Develop Resilience

Animal play research shows that play-filled animals deal with stressful situations and cope better with unexpected challenges than non play animals.

Shade Blog Header
BlogThe Importance of Shade in Recreation Spaces

Shade offers unique and creative ways to attract the community and enjoy being outdoors longer.

Clothesline Activity
BlogSummer Activity Game: Clothesline

The Clothesline activity helps develop upper body strength, endurance and kinesthetic awareness.