Summer Activity Game: Follow the Zookeeper

Children form a line at the top of the slide. The first child slides down, acting and sounding like an animal. The second child follows, acting and sounding like the same animal, followed by the third child and so on. After the last child in line is finished, the game starts over with a new leader (the second in line), and a new animal of choice.

Play Elements: Sliding
  • Integrates science concepts with physical activity.
  • Fosters creativity, body awareness and leadership opportunities.
Teaching Tips
  • Choose animal environments related to classroom science lessons, such as the ocean, jungle, rain forest or desert. Call out a type of environment and have the first child choose a representative animal from that.
  • Allow children to view the first child's animal movement from the base of the slide before attempting to copy it.
Safety Tips
  • Ensure that children use the slide on at a time/
  • Ensure that there is sufficient playground safety surfacing under and around the equipment.
  • Easier: Provide the first child with a few animal options to choose from (e.g., dog, hawk, elephant, fish, alligator).
  • More Challenging: Change leaders more often by identifying a new leader before the last child in line slides down the slide.
Did You Know?

Zookeepers have existed since roughly 3000 B.C.

Download the activity pdf here.

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