Summer Activity Game: Lucky Rainbow

Two lines of children face each other, standing at least 8 feet in front of the exit of a double or dueling slide. Children join hands and raise their arms to form an arch (rainbow). The first child in each line (closet to the foot of the slides) releases hands and climbs to the top of a slide. The children descend the slides at the same time, travel together under the arch while holding hands, and raise their joined hands at the end of the line to extend the rainbow. The cycle continues with two new sliders. 

Play Elements: Sliding, Climbing
  • Uses locomotor skills and relational movement concepts.
  • Boosts cooperation and communication skills.
Teaching Tips
  • Children should not join hands until both partners have descended and are at the end of the slide.
  • Have children make a wish before entering the rainbow.
Safety Tips
  • Be sure the rainbow begins at least 8 feet away from the bottom of the slides.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient playground safety surfacing under and around the equipment. 
  • Easier: Have the two children crawl under the rainbow one at a time.
  • More Challenging: Ask the children to suggest ways to make the activity more challenging or fun.
  • Adaptation: Assist with sliding or allow a child using a mobility device to take an alternate route to the rainbow. 
Did You Know?

A rainbow only occurs when it is raining on one side of the sky and sunny on the other. There are millions of colors in the rainbow-not just the few we see.

Download the activity pdf here.

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