Summer Activity Game: Basic Training

Together with the children, devise an obstacle course throughout the playground. Include each play element: climbing, brachiating, swinging, sliding, spinning and balancing. Some children may wish to be timed to see how quickly they can complete the course-either individually or as an entire class.

Play Elements: Combo (climbing, brachiating, swinging, sliding, spinning, balancing)
  • Integrates fundamental motor skills and movement concepts in a pleasurable way.
  • Develops muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. 
  • Provides self-challenge, social interaction and a sense of group membership.
Teaching Tips
  • If necessary, post arrows to help children follow the activity sequence.
  • Provide children with plenty of time to practice the activities and sequence.
Safety Tips
  • Younger children (K-1) may experience difficulty climbing down equipment; monitor children to assist them with climbing.
  • Ensure that there is adequate playground safety surfacing under and around all equipment.
  • Spot as needed.
  • Easier: Children complete several shorter courses that collectively address all play elements; children complete the course with a partner.
  • More Challenging: Children complete courses that span the entire playground; children complete the course in reverse.
  • Adaptation: The child completes the course with a partner.
Did You Know?

At the end of basic training, Marine have to complete the Crucible, a 54 hour field event to test what they've learned.

Download the activity pdf here.

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