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  • by: Ashley Armstrong
  • May 31, 2019

Summer Activity Game: Strike A Pose

Children climb up on a low designated play surface, such as the first step of a stair climber or a button step. They jump off while striking a pose such as a superhero or animal, then land in a standing position on the soft surface below. Once they land they can climb back up the stairs or step to "fly" again.

Play Elements: Climbing, balancing
  • Children practice climbing, jumping, and balance.
  • EIDP - Gross motor, up and down stairs alone nonreciprocally and jump from bottom step for 24-27 months, climbs on playground equipment and jump forward 3-3.5 years
Teaching Tip
  • Play motivational music or incorporate costumes or props for the activity. Children can use a vertical yardstick to estimate how high or far they jump.
Safety Tips

Ensure that children are jumping form a surface that is age-appropriate.Children should not jump before other children have moved away from the area. Ensure that children have on enclosed footwear and tied shoelaces.Ensure that there is sufficient playground safety surfacing under and around the equipment.

  • Easier: Hold children's hands to assist them in landing on their feet.
  • More Challenging: Challenge children to pose or to shout out the name of the superhero or animal they are pretending to be while jumping, while still landing on their feet.
Did You Know?

Strike a pose is a phrase used in photography that means get a little creative.

Download the activity pdf here.

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