Case Study: A Themed Aquatic Play Environment

North Valleys Regional Park, Reno, NV

This splash area was added to enliven an often overlooked single-building park facility and provides a variety of aquatic activities for varying ability levels. As an integral part of the whole project, colorful surfacing was installed to provide user safety, aesthetic appeal and design elements, enriching the overall theme.


The surface is prepared to avoid standing water, and slip resistant surfacing was selected to promote safety in the play area.


Comfortable surfaces promote diverse play behaviors.

Reno-NV-Color-Design.png#asset:12699Color & Design

Using a variety of colors in whimsical shapes and recognizable themes provides aesthetic appeal and an invitation to creative play.



Various surface colors organize the play area between ground level play components and active play.

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Strong Foundations illustrates how communities utilize surfacing products, color, texture, design, etc.


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