PlayCore Recognizes Rotary's Camp Florida as an Inclusion National Demonstration Site

PlayCore, a leading company in play and recreation research, programming, and products, recently awarded its Inclusion National Demonstration Site™ award to a new inclusive playground in Brandon, FL. Rotary’s Camp Florida was awarded this prestigious accolade for their commitment to create a play space for children of all abilities.

Partnering with leading experts at Utah State University’s Center for Persons with Disabilities and Lekotek, PlayCore is proud to assist communities through providing best practice principles and guidelines to create a truly inclusive play space for all. “A truly inclusive playground goes beyond “getting there,” and address what people will do once they are at the playground. Great inclusive playground designers are thinking beyond physical access and considering the needs of the whole person, to intentionally provide opportunities across the entire developmental spectrum-physical, cognitive, sensory, social, and communicative development,” said officials.
“This playground will truly offer inclusive play for many of the campers who visit us every year,” said Elizabeth Fields, Executive Director at Rotary’s Camp Florida. “For some of them this may be the first time that they have had the opportunity to experience what it is like to be able to play alongside their friends. As we offer a barrier free camp for children with disabilities having this playground was paramount to our mission. We are grateful to our donor, The Halliday Foundation, for making this possible and to GameTime for their suggestions and installation. The double wide ramps allow for easy access, we added a talking post, musical instruments, a nature table, upper body strength opportunities, there is even a slide for those that can transfer from their wheelchairs. One of my favorites is the sign language panel, we have already seen children using this and learning to communicate with their friends. We are extremely proud of the new playground and the opportunities that it offers the children that we serve.”
Recognized as a National Demonstration Site for Inclusion, the site received certification, placed on a national registry, and will be promoted actively to other communities wishing to offer appropriate inclusive play programs to help share best practices. The new National Demonstration Site is listed on the National Inclusive Park locater at (
About PlayCore: PlayCore helps build stronger communities around the world by advancing play through research, education, and partnerships. The company infuses this learning into its complete family of brands. PlayCore combines best in class planning and education programs with the most comprehensive array of recreation products available to create play solutions that match the unique needs of the each community they serve. Learn more at

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