Summer Activity: Cling to Your Color

Divide children into about three teams (such as red, yellow, blue) based on the colors assigned to the playground equipment available. Rules: All teams begin by standing, sitting or hanging on the equipment that it their color. No parts of the body can touch another color. Children can touch the ground but must hop on one foot. Groups switch colors upon leader's command: "Red team go to blue; blue team go to yellow; yellow team to go red." The length of clinging time for each color can vary. Teams can cling to the same apparatus of the same color.

Play Elements: Combo (climbing, brachiating, swinging, sliding, spinning, balancing)
  • Develops whole body muscular strength and endurance.
  • Promotes spatial awareness and efficient body positioning.
  • Cultivates group cohesion, communication and creativity.
Teaching Tips
  • Remind children to be aware of and respectful toward each other as they move from one apparatus to another.
  • Elect or appoint a blue captain, yellow captain, etc. to make sure team members stay on the right color.
Safety Tips
  • Spot as needed.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient playground safety surfacing under and around the equipment.
  • Easier: Children who need to travel along the surface do not need to only hop.
  • More Challenging: Command a color often.
  • Adaptation: A child stays on one color apparatus throughout the game.
Did You Know?

Guess how many colors can be created by mixing red, yellow and blue? (The answer is millions.)

Download the activity pdf here.

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