Spring 2018 Newsletter

Community Spotlight


Louise Hays Park Interactive Fountain, Kerrville, Texas

Louise Hays Park Interactive Fountain in Kerrville, Texas provides a place for fun water exploration during the day, and a beautiful setting at night. The experts in design and engineering at Fountain People created this interactive fountain plaza featuring 36 self-contained Fountain In a Can™ units that spray patterns in a circle or the Star of Texas. It is capable of performing choreographed fountain shows with water, light, and music. The city regularly hosts seasonal events at the park and coordinates the colors of the Fountain with those events. With other improvements around Louise Hays Park, such as a playground, large pavilion, and a dog park, it has resulted in a destination that is a place where families and friends of the community can go to escape the heat and have fun!

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Brand Spotlight


Florida Strawberry Festival Offers New Stadium Seating for Concert Goers

GT Grandstands, based in Plant City, Florida, has officially completed construction of the new Florida Strawberry Festival grandstands. The new galvanized steel grandstand features an i-beam infrastructure with a wraparound design, as well as seating with backrests for all 8,500 spaces.

The construction of the new amphitheater-style grandstand for the 2018 festival was a special one for employees located in Plant City and Lakeland, FL.  “Our employees were so invested in making this great for our community. We all love the Florida Strawberry Festival and we are excited to show our neighbors the new grandstands,” said Greg Buckner, Vice President and General Manager for the company.

The new structure features more seats for the growing crowds coming from all over Florida and the U.S. and also elevates the festival’s appeal for future entertainment.

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Recent Events


California Park & Recreation Society (CPRS) Conference & Expo

We enjoyed our time in Long Beach, California, last month meeting some great people in the California park & recreation industry. We spent time in the expo hall at our booth surrounded by our family of brands and sponsored a fun 70’s Disco Inferno Party Welcome Reception on Wednesday evening to celebrate the 70th birthday of CPRS. We look forward to continuing the partnership with this great organization, and we hope to see you next year in Sacramento!

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Scholar Spotlight


Dr. Stuart Brown, Guest Blogger

As a like-minded play advocate, PlayCore is proud to partner with Dr. Stuart Brown on furthering the advancement of play and helping our world understand the critical importance of participating in play throughout life. Our work together thus far has resulted in several play concepts that promote attunement between family members, and we are honored to feature Dr. Brown in a prominent role in which he will impart his wealth of knowledge through seminars, features, and a monthly blog.

To learn more about his unique insight on play, we invite you to check out his informative blog on the value of play.

Media Spotlight

Monthly Campaigns

You may have noticed some themes pop up over the past few months on social media and in our Resource Briefs. Our solutions-based campaigns provide a concentrated wealth of information to help inform, educate, and advocate for various planning opportunities for your community.

In February, we focused on inclusion. Inclusive play provides opportunities for people of all abilities to play together. At PlayCore, we've conducted more inclusive research, designed more inclusive products, and helped create hundreds of happy, successful inclusive community stories.

In March, we turned our focus to health and fitness. In light of the well-documented health risks of physical inactivity, promoting regular active behavior is a public health priority.

In April, we turn our attention to Earth Month and celebrate Nature Play solutions.


CPRS President's Award

Roger Posacki, President and CEO of PlayCore, was recently honored with the California Parks and Recreation Society President’s Award. The award was bestowed at the Opening Session of the CPRS Annual Conference on March 14, 2018 and is designed to honor those who contribute to the success of parks and recreation in the state of California.

PlayCore, in addition to supporting the CPRS agency in a variety of initiatives, has also conducted numerous education sessions throughout the state. Centered around their evidence-based resources, created with a network of more than 25 scholars and experts in the field of play and recreation, PlayCore’s continuing education program provides professionals with the opportunity to learn best practices while earning continuing education units (CEUs).

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