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  • February 24, 2020

Play On! Activity Game: Leap Frogger

One child maintains a tight ball position (bent at waist, hands hugging knees, chin tucked to chest) at least 8 feet from the base of the slide. The remaining children slide down the slide one at a time. Upon reaching the bottom, they leap frog over the balled-up child by pressing down their lower back while straddle jumping. The last child in line becomes the new frog and the cycle continues.

Play Element: Sliding
  • Boosts trust and cooperation among peers.
  • Promotes the combination of body awareness and jumping and landing skills.
  • Enhances leg and hip flexibility and explosive upper body movement.
Teaching Tip
  • Have children practice landing at the base of the slide, the jumping in a straddle jump with out a huddled child.
Safety Tips
  • Ensure that the child in the ball position is at least 8 feet from the base of the slide.
  • Remind the child on the ground to stay in the tucked position.
  • Remind sliding children to be careful not to come in contact with others.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient playground safety surfacing under and around the equipment.
  • Easier: Smaller children use a tighter tuck.
  • More Challenging: Children leap frog over several children (one at a time) rather than one.
  • Adaptation: Children slide and then jump like a frog on the ground instead of leaping over another child.
Did You Know?

Frog and toads are different. Frogs have to live near water to survive and toads don't.

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