Trails Can Be More Fun If There Are Playful Stpops Along The Way
BlogThe Nature of Play-Why immersing children in nature is so important

Play and nature together are powerful tools for creating a fondness for the outdoors.

Making The Ask
BlogMaking the Ask for Funding

Before making an ask, it's important to prepare, define primary interests, talk about the benefits, ask to the right amount, and time the ask just right.

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BlogHit the trails and play as a family!

Playful paths take the trail model beyond the traditional user to more fully engage the public with new ways to attract children to the trail.

Align Values Goals
BlogAligning Values & Goals for Funding

IIt will be critical to articulate both the community vision and the plan with all potential funding targets in​ order to be successful.

The Nature Play Space At Lake Winnepesaukah
BlogGreen Schoolyards incorporates nature and the built environment to promote higher use of play environments

By promoting green schoolyards best practices, we can provide exciting, vibrant recreation spaces that integrate the built and living landscape.

An Innovative Play Trail
Case StudiesCase Study: An Innovative Play Trail

The Santa Ana River Trail links inland neighborhoods and businesses with the beach, and provides colorful places for families to play along the way.

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BlogScience, play, and learning

Play really is a curriculum in and of itself and a road map for creativity and learning. Simply stated, when children play, they learn.

Kids Laughing
BlogThe Value of Play Through Youth Fitness

There are designed activities for children to meet moderate to vigorous levels of physical activity, but we also ask them to use their imaginations

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Blog11 Child Development Benefits of Nature Play

Naturalized playgrounds can be designed, managed, and programmed to integrate children's healthy development.