Case Study: An Adventurous Indoor Play Setting

Venture Church, Hattiesburg, MS

To complement the indoor play environment and create an interesting design, poured-in-place rubber in green and tan was used. The custom indoor play unit for children 5-12 years of age offers a hunt club theme area while the infant exploratorium for children aged 6-23 months features ground-level interactive panels. Wall accents such as grass cutouts, a wall-mounted rock climbing panel, and two large flowers are included to provide an outdoor feel indoors.


Poured-in-place rubber design and color schemes that harmonize with the play equipment were chosen.


Surfacing colors are used to provide visual cues to separate the various play areas.


Indoor theming create an immersive outdoor sensation by aligning walls, ceilings, floors, and play activities throughout the environment.


The "spongy" texture of poured-in-place surfacing adds a fun element of discovery for ground level players.

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