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  • January 12, 2022

Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks: Design Considerations


Aligning fitness equipment selection to total body fitness is critical for ensuring a well-rounded fitness routine. Equally important are a variety of design practices. To help support the planning process, utilize this guide to communicate and ensure that the various design best practices have been addressed to meet the unique needs of the community and your site-specific project


Community partnerships help support on-site programs for fitness classes, wellness and nutrition education, and health screenings. Signage and wireless web access further expand utilization through downloadable user guides and instructional videos.


Targeted marketing campaigns help spread the word to a diverse, multilingual user group and engage stakeholders in the planning, grand opening, programming, and evaluation initiatives. 


A variety of measurement tools, like surveys and direct observation, are utilized to engage individual users, support system-wide planning, and communicate health outcomes. 

Location & Context 

This urban plaza provides connectivity to a number of corporate and neighborhood users while also being accessible to a local hospital/ rehabilitation center.

Universal Design 

Carefully planned parking, unitary routes of travel, and equipment designed to accommodate both mobility devices and multiple users help promote comfort, usability, and inclusion for adults of all abilities

Safety & Management 

The Parks & Recreation Department oversees the management plan to ensure regular inspections and good working order. Age-appropriate signage and high visibility also promote a safer environment

Alignment to Health Benefits & Total Body Fitness 

While equipment selections are based on community goals, users, budget, and space, it is also important that this space ensures a well-rounded fitness routine by configuring opportunities for aerobic fitness, muscle fitness, core fitness, and balance and flexibility. 


This space meets all of the elements of a well-rounded workout, with some pieces of equipment providing multiple benefits. Notice the bike racks and benches on both sides, and the walking/jogging trail that passes through provides additional ways to promote aerobic fitness. The clear spaces around the equipment offer areas to engage in bodyweight resistance exercises. By including equipment that offers all the elements of fitness, you can ensure your Outdoor Adult Fitness Park provides a well-rounded fitness routine.

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