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  • by: Jennifer McMinn
  • January 19, 2023

Keeping the influx of New Year’s Resolutionists as year-round customers

Every year a new group of people face the new year with a resolution to be healthier. It’s a great opportunity to speak to those customers and provide the communication to keep them engaged far beyond when the newness of commitment wears off.

Train your staff on how to communicate and draw out new customer’s emotional motivation. Whether this is a new customer onboarding session or a questionnaire filled out as part of application process, you can use that info to frame your marketing efforts around human components to bring authenticity to your messaging. If your overall brand messaging can do that, you’ll be much more likely to initiate a response.

Create communication campaigns in November and December to help current clients serve as a support network. Remind them they were all new at one time, and to think back to how that made them feel. As an example: rather than being annoyed at a new client who is using the equipment they’re waiting for, existing clients can share tips on technique and gym etiquette, ensuring new members feel supported.

Consider bringing in a nutritionist. As the saying goes, you can’t out exercise bad nutrition. Even if it’s for a limited time, having a nutritionist can bring added awareness and set your facility apart from the competition.

While customers are in your facility, be sure the activities are stimulating and encouraging to compel them to come back. Mental motivation is a huge component for new customers, so what do you bring to the table that will make them think to come back? Fun programming and a well-rounded workout are important, so be thoughtful about your offering and get feedback to support changes as needed.

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Keeping the influx of New Year’s Resolutionists as year-round customers

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