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  • by: Anne-Marie Spencer
  • June 17, 2020

Fun ways to celebrate Independence Day during physical distancing

While we may not be able to celebrate Independence Day in the usual way, here are some fun ideas you can do with your family and friends to celebrate together!

1. Set up the sprinkler and run through it.

2. Have a backyard family barbecue.

3. Make homemade popsicles. No popsicle sticks? Freeze them in ice cube trays or snack bags.

4. Read about the War of Independence.

5. Have  "flashlight fireworks" show by projecting them on a dark wall.

6. Host a family talent show.

7. Host a front yard neighborhood party where everyone is in their front yard at the same time. 

8. Take a picnic to the playground or park (maintaining physical distance, of course!)

9. Go on a bike ride.

10. Have a "driving parade" with your neighbors. Take it to other neighborhoods to spread the joy!

11. Paint something red, white, and blue.

12. Bake something red, white, and blue.

13. Plant red, white, and blue flowers in your yard or a window box.

14. Look up what the stars and stripes on our flag signify.

15. Sing patriotic songs.

While Independence day may look different this year, there's no reason not to celebrate, together and apart.

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