Amenities to enhance music sites and engage users

Every musician needs an audience. Outdoor music spaces are exciting and can be enjoyed by multi-generational users. To help encourage visits, promote comfort, and expand the duration of usage across seasons, consider a variety of accessories that can further enhance the user experience at your outdoor music environment location. Some communities display their creativity with added theming and custom elements that help tell a local story or celebrate historical relevance.


Providing welcome. educational, and directional signage to any outdoor environment offers additional inputs for visitors and further enhances their experiences. Signage is an easy way to tailor messaging specifically for a unique location or experience, to welcome people to your music park, acknowledge donors, share educational information about the instruments, and offer activities or song playing challenges.


A variety of surfacing options, such as colored concrete, artificial turf, engineered wood fiber, unitary rubber, and more, are available to promote access and use. Surfacing can be used to provide routes of travel, designate recreational areas, provide visual cues, create a 'dance floor', and enhance creativity with theming. Musical elements, such as piano keys or musical notes designed in the surfacing, can enhance visual appeal and provide additional play value.

Signal_Center_4510.jpg#asset:12640Seating and Amenities

To help promote comfort and longer visits, site amenities are important enhancements. Seating can be located strategically with good lines of sight for parents, caregivers, and families to enjoy the music. Amenities can also be designed to add to the musical theme with elements like benches and coordinating trash receptacles that further enhance the overall aesthetic, cleanliness, and creativity of the setting.

Deluxe-Collection.jpg#asset:12641Shade and Shelter

Shade, whether natural or artificial, is an important consideration. Trees can provide natural shade and other shade structures like gazebos, shelters, and shade canopies offer an aesthetic appeal for all users.

Music-Note-Bike-Rack.jpg#asset:12642Bike Racks and Storage

Access to your outdoor music space is an important consideration and offering routes for walkers and cyclists can further increase the usage. To help promote connectivity with the music environment, consider installing bike racks that provide function and appeal. Optimal bike rack designs furnish a way to lock the frame and at least one wheel to the rack.

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