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You’ve planned your park, your city’s infrastructure, your new space. It’s complete with new playgrounds, water features, and a fitness facility. But what are those extra amenities that will really provide the most useful benefits to the space? Some of the more obvious amenities may include benches, water fountains, and restroom facilities, but have you considered some other unique solutions?

Here are some great options with multiple benefits that could work well for your community!


Limited on sidewalk space? The parklets by Dero provide an innovative way to build public gathering spaces right in the heart of the urban streetscape.

940P-P8-BB-Lifestyle.jpg#asset:9807Buddy Bench

The Buddy Bench is more than just a place to rest. The idea behind this inclusive product is to provide a place for a child to go if they are feeling lonely or left out on the playground. This signals to other children on the playground that they would like to be included.

Umbrellas / Shade

Square-Single-Post-Umbrella.jpg#asset:9808Provide relief from the elements with custom shade solutions. There are many options including pavilions, umbrella, sails. With the increasing awareness of skin cancer awareness, adding shade is a much-welcomed relief for your visitors.


A day at the park isn’t complete without a fresh, hot hamburger. Adding grills to your recreation space creates is an easy way to add even more value and usage for your visitors to enjoy.

NRS_5-Row-Deluxe_wTractor.jpg#asset:9809Movable Bleachers

Great for the occasional event or limited space, movable bleachers provide comfort, accessibility and ease of transport when you need to have a temporary place for your fans to sit.

toss-n-score-5660-1477769542-f26be77e8d8d9cdac97dccb2d69c4383.jpg#asset:9811Sports Equipment

Don’t forget the batting cage, soccer goal, and basketball goal!

Our brands provide a variety of site amenities options.

Explore our site amenities brands to discover the solution missing from your next project.

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