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  • October 04, 2021

8 Fall Activities to try this season

As the autumn leaves set in, it seems we all gravitate to outdoor activities. Find a few ideas below to add to your fall bucket list of adventures.

Go apple picking 

Nothing says fall like apple picking. Find a local apple orchard near you by a quick google search. You will love walking through the apple grove! Learn about all the different varieties available at the orchard and pick the best apples of the bunch.

Get creative with cooking

Cooking connects families, bringing them closer together through enhanced communication and a shared experience. Embrace the opportunity by planning, preparing, and enjoying a great meal together. Try to incorporate new, seasonal, ingredients to mix things up. 

Have an outdoor movie night

Cuddle up together under the stars with a warm blanket and some popcorn prepared over the campfire while watching your favorite movie with a tablet or portable projector. Whether scary or funny, you’ll love spending the 1-on-1 time together.

Community Activities

Find fun activities in your community. You could try a corn maze, hayride, or even a haunted house! Get out of your comfort zone to explore new opportunities!

Go Hiking

Waterfall trails, your local parks, anywhere with a scene. We have trails all around and once the leaves start changing, even those trails you see all the time turn into something amazing! To really add to your experience, find a local campsite, pack your gear, and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Outdoor Arts & Crafts

In between those physically demanding activities, give everyone a breather with some good old-fashioned holiday crafting – inspired, of course, by the outdoors. For example, ask everyone to find a pumpkin and bring it to a table set up with carving tools or paint. Have fun carving your pumpkins or get inspired by your inner creative with paint. 

Go for a Bike Ride

Reduced Stress and Improve your Mood by taking a leisurely bike ride. Biking is a great social activity, so grab a friend an try a new trail or bike path. 

Make a Gratitude List

Make a list of all the things you are thankful for this year. Sometimes we forget to focus on all the positives we have. This is a great activity during dinner! 

Reflect & Regenerate

Before the busy holiday season, reflect on all of the work you did for the past year and plan for a productive year ahead. Our latest issue of Placemaking has some great ideas on how to get you there!

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