Outdoor Music Communities
ResearchBenefits of Music on Communities

There is ample evidence of how music adds vibrancy to communities, engages the brain, strengthens the sense of belonging and connection with others.

Resilient Design
ResearchResilient Design

Working with nature in landscape design provides long-term benefits and advantages to maintaining a resilient space.

Tech And Parks
ResearchStudy shows merging tech and parks can increase children's desire to visit parks

"Nearly 70 percent of Americans agree that merging technology and nature will increase children’s desire to go to parks."

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ResearchWhy the outdoors is the world's greatest playground and classroom!

Research shows over half of children spend an hour or less a day playing outside.

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ResearchNew Tool Shows Money Does Grow on Trees

For every dollar invested in planting trees, cities see an average $2.25 per tree return on their investment each year.

Green Schoolyard
ResearchWhat is a Green Schoolyard?

Evidence shows that green schoolyards are highly beneficial to academic performance, creative play, physical activity and mental health.

Adults With Children On Bridge At Outdoor Activity Centre
Research10 Things to Do This Earth Day

The Earth Day Network is the world’s largest environmental movement.

Landscaping 100
ResearchLandscaping 101: Plants for Play and Learning

Playground naturalization can dramatically improve habitat conditions for local flora and fauna.

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Research100% of Teachers Surveyed Agree Recess is Essential

New Survey from IPEMA and the Voice of Play Finds U.S. Teachers Place High Value on Recess