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Water Screen System

Fountain People engineers are the top interactive water screen innovators and technicians. Installing water screen at large theme parks, hotels, and water parks all over the world.
Water Screens are a new technique to display laser light shows and project movies.
With the new water wave of technology sweeping the globe, people are more eager to find new and innovative ways to make life easy and more interesting. Business marketers and events planners have unravelled a new way to entice their customers into believing in their products. This is all in the hopes of beating their competitors and getting their names mentioned. Currently, water screens are the newest technology in town.

Customer Spotlight

PlayCore Awards New NatureGrounds National Demonstration Site

PlayCore recently awarded its NatureGrounds® National Demonstration Site Award of Excellence to a new NatureGrounds park in Ketchum, OK. Thanks to a $57,273 grant from the Cherokee Nation to the Native American Association of Ketchum, Grand Playscape Park, located at Grand River Ave and Amarillo Street, Vinita, OK 74301, is set to be a destination for all to reconnect with nature.
"The park is the first in the community," said Jerry Taylor, Board President of the Native American Association of Ketchum, "and the citizens have brought community cohesion in working to play, develop, and maintain a park that families can enjoy. The park serves as a place for the center of the community to play, picnic, hold events, and interact with nature. We are very excited about the park, and the wonderful memories that will be created for the children and families."


Children & Nature Network Featured Partner: PlayCore

PlayCore is pleased to celebrate the participations as the Presenting Sponsor for this year's 2016 Children and Nature Network Conference in Minneapolis, MN, May 24-27. The conference explored the critical role of nature-rich environments and sought to ensure every child, family, and community the opportunity to engage in nature within their everyday play spaces.

PlayCore is proud to partner with Children & Nature Network to align resources, expertise, and passion to help fuel this movement. "If we can help instill an appreciation for nature in children by providing meaningful play spaces that promote being outdoor in nature, we strongly believe it will remain a priority for them when they become adults, said Lisa Moore, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategic Services at PlayCore.

As a featured partner at this year's conference, Moore, expressed further PlayCore's approach to nature within a recent interview with Children & Nature Network. "At PlayCore, we take a research-based approach to designing nature-rich play environments. We know from our third party research with scholars and experts like the Natural Learning Initiative or NLI (an extension of the College at NC State University) that play spaces which intentionally mix the natural and build environment get children and families to higher levels of use (i.e. physical activity and a variety of other play value attributes) than either environment type used alone."

Program Spotlight

NatureGrounds®: Designing Play Environments that Integrate Manufactured Play Equipment with the Living Landscape

Research reveals a strong link between children's experiences in nature and their psychological well being and overall development. It is important that we encourage outdoor play and find ways to reconnect children with nature. This innovative program will discuss research based benefits of combining the manufactured play environment with the living landscape, demonstrate how to implement best practices of design, and discuss strategies for overcoming potential barriers to naturalizing existing and new playgrounds. Participants will walk away with many educational resources, funding sources, and practical ideas on how to get started.


GameTime Wins Bronze Anvil Award from Public Relations Society of America

GameTime , a PlayCore company, and a leading manufacturer of commercial playground products, outdoor fitness equipment and custom play spaces, earned the 2016 Bronze Anvil Award in the Direct Mail/Direct Response category for its "Accept the Challenge!" Multimedia Invitation for a Product Launch Event.

Developed in collaboration with 6AM Marketing of Madison, Wisconsin, the invitation featured a video player built into the direct mail creative to introduce Challenge Course®, a new category of outdoor fitness product. Challenge Course is a fun, exciting and social fitness experience that is similar to televised obstacle course races and professional sports training, and features a companion app to promote fun competition among all course locations. It appeals to both children and adults, and encourages friends and families to exercise together. The multimedia invitation included a brochure about the product and its benefits for community health and wellness, along with a VIP entry to an exclusive launch event in Las Vegas. The results from the direct mail tactic exceeded expectations and industry averages, resulting in an unprecedented 78% response/attendance rate.

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