Ohio Bicycling Law
ResearchOhio is making bicycling safer with new law

A truly bike-friendly community must be thoughtful in the planning and execution of bicycle lanes and roadways in order to provide safer routes for cyclists.

Active Schools
ResearchDid you know...our kids are moving less?

Active Schools is determined to increase physical activity.

Uncovering The Science Behind Sound Body Sound Mind Image
ResearchUncovering the science behind 'sound body, sound mind'

A team of researchers from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden studied exactly how exercise can affect the brain.

Unified Pe 1
ResearchUnique Physical Education Class Breaks Down Barriers

The program pairs students with and without disabilities to foster friendships while promoting healthy physical activities.

Special Olympics 50Th
ResearchSpecial Olympics celebrates 50 years with the Global Inclusion Movement

The Special Olympics is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a renewed purpose to end discrimination against people with disabilities.

Digital Content Disabilities Seminar
ResearchDigital Content & Disabilities Seminar examines the impact of mobile technology on the lives of people with learning disabilities

Digital Content & Disabilities Seminar met to explore creating original content to serve disabilities, and adapting content for maximum accessibility.

Adobe Stock 145488141
ResearchNature Contact and Human Health: A Research Agenda

A team of researchers recently published research that nature contact may offer a range of human health benefits.

Group Of People Running
ResearchHow Cities are Improving Low-Income Access to Parks

Urban outdoor recreation spaces are limited and often require a drive. It's often hardest for those living in low-income neighborhoods to access parks.

Music Programs Help Refugee Kids
ResearchMusic Programs Helping Refugee Children Adapt to Life in Canada

At Living Arts Centre, in Mississauga, Ontraio, new music programs have emerged and become valuable tools in helping to integrate refugees, especially children.