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  • January 16, 2020

Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks: Maintenance and Sustainability

In general, Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks require low maintenance. Regular inspections are important to ensure the equipment is in good working order. Be sure to consult with your equipment provider regarding timing of inspections, as some equipment, such as elliptical machines, stationary bikes, or equipment that is adjustable may require more frequent inspections than stationary equipment with no moving parts. Ensure equipment surfaces like seats, pedals, steps, etc are in good condition, that there are no loose parts, and that the surfaces are not damaged. The equipment should be wiped down regularly to keep it inviting to users. If your park utilizes moveable equipment like balls and ropes, be sure they are checked back in to the issuing office, as some equipment may pose hazards to unauthorized users like children if left on or near the equipment.

As fall attenuating surfacing is required for any apparatus where the user's feet leave the ground, surfacing should be regularly checked and maintained to installation specifications. Inspect unitary surfaces like poured rubber or tile surfacing regularly for damage that may compromise fall attenuation or cause a trip hazard. Check to make sure loose fill surfaces are maintained to the required depth for fall attenuation, and that there is no trash or foreign objects present. Natural loose fill surfaces like wood fiber will decompose over time and "top-offs" will be required to maintain adequate fall attenuation properties.

If your fitness park includes timing or electronics, be sure to check that connections are sound, and that water has not permeated the system. Check with your manufacturer for additional inspection requirements. If your adult fitness park utilizes solar panels, you'll want to regularly check for pollen, dust, or other buildup on the surface. Solar panels must be clean of debris to efficiently transform the sun's rays into electricity, so if your panels are covered in dirt and debris, you'll experience a lower efficiency. If you live in an area that experiences snowy weather, the solar panels should be cleared following snowfall. Make sure to dry them thoroughly to avoid streaking. If you live in a desert or dusty environment, then you should clean more frequently as dust can gather faster than in more humid environments. For equipment or scoreboards that have a battery system, be sure to inspect and replace batteries according to manufacturer specifications to ensure the system is working at all times.

A sample checklist can help you to get started. While it shows some of the basic elements to inspect on a regular basis, it is highly recommended that you work with your equipment manufacturer to understand maintenance checkpoints and frequency for the products in your unique Adult Outdoor Fitness Park. Adhering to a regular maintenance program can help ensure the community will enjoy your Outdoor Adult Fitness Park for many years to come. 

You might also consider expanding the Fitness Park after the public has had the opportunity to use it. Expansion is a great way to ensure sustainability of the space as additional equipment can attract new users, as well as energize your existing user base to expand their exercise routine. Getting community feedback before any planned expansions is a good way to determine which additions would be most meaningful.

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