February Is North American Inclusion Month

Established in 2011 by Yachad/The National Jewish Council for Disabilities, NAIM promotes awareness and sensitivity for special needs individuals and establishing Inclusion as a mindset. 

At PlayCore, we recognize the importance of inclusion and embrace it as one of our most important initiatives. For the month of February, our Resource Briefs, Blog posts, social media messaging, and other external outreach will focus on inclusion. We invite you to subscribe, tune in, and share this important message just as we share our research, evidence based resources, and some amazing environments that promote inclusion for everybody. 

Whether your community’s active endeavors include climbing, playing, swimming, sports, or any other activities, we’re here to help you with information and resources to ensure these environments can be used by all people to the greatest extent possible!

Celebrate inclusion with us, share our content and let’s help spread the message of inclusive recreation to everyone, everywhere!

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National Demonstration Site Network

Feb. 07, 2018

PlayCore Recognizes The North Scott Rotary Inspiration Play Zone as an Inclusion National Demonstration Site

The goal for the North Scott Rotary Inspiration Play Zone was for it to be designed for children, adults, grandparents, and people of all abilities.


Jan. 30, 2018

Play is for everyone...at least is SHOULD be!

The trend of inclusivity on the playground is growing, but how do you know the environment you build meets the spirit and functionality of true inclusion?


Feb. 09, 2018

Case Study: Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Edmonton, Alberta, CA

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital is focused on family-centered care that engages the whole family, including siblings, parents, grandparents, and caregivers.