Case Study: A Custom Inclusive Playground

Kade's Playground, Herculaneum, MO

Kade's Playground is designed so that children with and without disabilities can play together side by side. All components of the play environment are wheelchair accessible by ramps, and the playground features accessible swings, a soft, textural  poured-in-place surface, a fun theme, and a variety of musical instruments like drums and xylophones. The surfacing promotes the volcano theme with flowing "lava" and exciting, contrasting colors are used to mimic nature and promote a compliant play environment.


Colored lava makes a dramatic impression by extending the volcano theme from the equipment to the surfacing.


Clever design using green, brown, and red colors create areas of "dirt, grass, and lava," expanding opportunities for imaginative play and games to the surface.


Natural topography is utilized with curbing and an accessible ramp to elevate access and create a vista to the overall surfacing patterns.


Surfacing material is utilized to extend halfway up the "volcano" creating a cushioned texture to enhance play and comfort.


Planting pockets incorporated around the perimeter and into the overall play surface extend nature and offer opportunities for loose parts play.

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