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  • November 23, 2020

Active Schools Encourage Active Lives

As a champion of evidence-based research, we know the power of active behavior on people’s lives. We’ve also seen firsthand the importance of embracing active lives at a young age, to promote learning and encourage daily physical activity, and as a catalyst to establishing healthy habits that lead to a long-term healthy life. Students who exercise regularly demonstrate a strong ability to concentrate, are better prepared for study time, may be able to lower levels of stress and anxiety, and can develop skills to help them throughout life. Additionally, regular physical activity can help children and adolescents improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, and reduce risk of developing health conditions associated with overweight and obesity.  


However, if we are to make changes happen, it’s important that the encouragement of physical activity happens everywhere children are - at home, at school, and in the community. We are proud to be a partner of Active Schools. Joining the Active Schools movement is a great way to show your support for physical education and activity as an integral part of the education process, and you don’t have to be in the education field to do so. When it comes to promoting physical education and physical activity in schools, anyone can be a champion. As a supporter of Active Schools, we can work together to make school time more productive, and before/after school programs and recess more active. Parents also play an instrumental role in making positive changes in the home, and supporting health and wellness by helping the family understand and embrace the importance of physical activity.


Active schools is free and easy to join, and members have access to a wealth of resources from scholars, and partners like PlayCore! The organization is holding a membership drive between Nov 30 and Dec 18, and welcomes you to join us and the more than 40,000 other parents, schools, and partner organizations in the Active Schools Champions Enrollment Campaign. You’ll have access to a library of resources, including tools to advocate for and promote physical activity in schools.  Click here to learn more and let’s work together to help schools be more Active! 

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